Ringer Law Office

Ringer Law Office

Darrell W. (Dan) Ringer, JD, MBA

Morgantown, WV

Areas of Practice

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Personal Injury & Torts

Dan Ringer provides representation in all manner of personal injury and tort matters. Dan is an experienced trial lawyer. He served as a member of the West Virginia Trial Lawyers Association Board of Governors for approximately 10 years, and received the Trial Lawyer's President's Award in 2001. He was a member of the Board of Governors of the West Virginia State Bar for 7 years, and was president of the West Virginia State Bar in 1999-2000.

One of the least understood aspects of personal injury law is that you must not rush to completion. Make sure your injuries are fully understood. Too often people are in a hurry to "get a settlement." Anyone can settle a case quickly - you just take what the insurance company offers. We will resolve your case properly. Proper case resolution takes time and attention to the facts, injuries and client. You and your case will get that attention.

Mediation (Alternate Dispute Resolution)

Dan is a trained mediator, certified by the West Virginia State Bar and participated in dozens of mediations.

We encourage mediation as a generally successful method of resolving disputes, saving the time and expense of a trial. But not every case should or can be resolved through mediation. We believe that in appropriate cases a jury should be asked to resolve a case. We will be at your side at every step - in both mediation and trial.


Dan has appeared before the West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals in numerous cases and before the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals. He maintains a complete law library in print and electronic (computer) form and has access to the West Virginia University College of Law Library, the largest law library in West Virginia, just 10 minutes from his office.

Corporations & Business

Dan holds a master's degree in business administration and maintains an extensive practice in assisting with business organization and in the conduct of all types of businesses, including sole proprietorships, partnerships, limited liability companies, limited liability partnerships, and corporations. We can help you in all aspects of your business, including employee matters and the negotiation and application of the contracts necessary in the business world.

Elder Law

More and more people are choosing to come or return to West Virginia for their retirement. As a result the residents of West Virginia have the highest average age of any state in the U.S., and Morgantown is the home of the largest number of health care providers in the state. We are particularly aware of the legal needs of our seniors and can provide assistance for all your requirements, and those of your family.

General Practice

General practice defines a full service law firm. We provide legal assistance in all areas of the law and maintain the professional relationships necessary to refer and coordinate your matter with other attorneys in those areas requiring very specific skills, such as patent law, tax law or the planning of complex estates. This ensures that your matter receives the specific, special attention sometimes necessary, but also allows you to deal with an attorney you know.

Land Use & Zoning

Dan has provided representation in numerous land use/zoning matters before municipal boards and in circuit court. He is a former municipal judge for Westover, West Virginia; former counsel to the Westover Board of Zoning Appeals; and member of the Westover Municipal Charter Board. Dan was also co-chair of the Morgantown-Westover Merger Committee. Dan throughly understands the working of municiple governments.


Dan Ringer is an experienced trial attorney, providing representation in both civil and criminal matters. In civil matters he usually represents plaintiffs and has handled numerous personal injury and property damage cases. He can provide defense services in appropriate matters. In criminal law we have defended numerous first degree murder, rape and embezzlement cases, and hundreds of "lesser" criminal matters. He also regularly handles administrative law matters involving disputes with governmental agencies and cities.

Dan is the former First Assistant Prosecuting Attorney for Monongalia County, WV, and served for approximately 10 years as a member of the Board of Governors of the West Virginia Trial Lawyers Association. He received the Trial Lawyers President's Award in 2001.

Real Estate & Property

Dan Ringer has practiced real estate law for more than 25 years, is an approved attorney for every banking institution in northern West Virginia, and is an approved attorney for Lawyers Title Insurance Company. He represents buyers, sellers, lending institutions and real estate agents and brokers. Services range from simple document preparation to complete title examination and closing services.

If you are buying or selling a home without the services of an agent, he can make sure that all of the details are covered. If you are selling your own property (a "FSBO" seller (For Sale by Owner)) he can help you by preparing a written, enforcible, real estate purchase agreement (contract). If you are a buyer, he can lead you to the inspectors, bankers and other professionals you need - and may not know you need.

Media - Television

Dan Ringer has worked with West Virginia Public Television since 1987. He has consulted on legal matters, provided legal representation and legislative information services.

Dan also has hundreds of hours of on-air television broadcast experience. He produces and hosts The Law Works, a weekly legal topics series for West Virginia PBS, and was a regular host and assisted in the production of 2 prior weekly series. He has hosted and produced several special event programs. Dan also frequently appears on those pesky Public Television pledge drives.


Dan Ringer is experienced in contract negotiation, preparation, drafting and amendment in all areas of the law, including the computer industry, real estate, employment, business of all types, and the health care industry. Reading a contract is sometimes easy, but recognizing the significance of its terms, and MISSING terms is extremely important. No one regrets having a contract or reviewed by an attorney. Many regret not having one or having one reviewed.


Dan has taught education law (both public school and higher education) for West Virginia University and frequently lectures on education law to other groups. He has extensive experience in public school law, including college and university law, and has represented numerious employees before the West Virginia Education and State Employee Grievance Board.

Family Law

Dan practices all aspects of family law, including premarital counseling, divorce, paternity, adoption, custody and support. Dan has lectured on family law issues on behalf of the West Virginia Continuing Legal Education Program at the West Virginia University College of Law, and has hosted and produced numerous television programs concerning family law issues on behalf of West Virginia Public Television. He understands the emotional trauma associated with divorce and actively encourages mediation in family law matters.

Labor & Employment

Ours is one of a very few law firms in the Morgantown area representing both employers and employees in employment related issues. Dan Ringer has represented many state and university/college employees in grievances filed through the West Virginia Education and State Employees Grievance System, and has extensive experience in the representation of health care employers and physician groups.